If you have a child that needs some confidence or social skills, the best place to send them is a school for drama. This environment is always fun and facilitating, meaning that not only will your child learn the skills that they need to be confident and take on the challenges in life, but they will be learning them in an unobtrusive way, that will be enjoyable for them. There are various techniques that are used to teach children confidence, but a lot of it comes via practicing a lot. At Keyboard Magic, they will get exposed to public speaking and acting in front of small groups of people, and in this way, hone their ability to be confident and to deal with public attention.

A lot of people underestimate the value of having the confidence to deal with others and to deal with social situations, but you would be surprised at the important role that it plays in life after school. Think about this, when it comes to your child. If he or she is shy, they will most likely be bullied at school, and in university this could also have an adverse effect on them when it comes to making friends and networking. Networking at university is important, since it is there that all of your future industry contacts will be made. So if your child does not have the confidence, chances are, he or she will miss out on a lot of opportunities. When it comes to job interviews later on, they will need confidence skills in order to make a good impression and get hired so that life can move forward. A school for drama provides each child with a fun and facilitating environment in which to learn how to be confident. This will do them the world of good in later life.

Confidence is however not the only thing that your child will learn at a school for drama such as Keyboard Magic. Drama provides a surprising amount of other more unseen skills.

  • Self-confidence: Through the use of performances, your child will learn to trust his or her own abilities and feel more comfortable taking risks. They will also have a better understanding of themselves, which will enable them to know what areas they are good at in life and pursue those with confidence and passion.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving: When students are faced with a multitude of decisions that are made by different characters, they can start analysing these and see what they would do in the same situations. It is in this way that children get taught to think about things form different perspectives and analyse situations before making decisions about them.
  • Imagination and creative thinking: There are many good uses for a great imagination and creative thinking. If your child wants to pursue a career doing something creative, whether it be performance or graphic design, having a mind that thinks creatively is one of the first steps towards doing well in this career path, and of course nothing encourages creative thinking the way that drama does.

For those of you whose children are not interested in being on stage, but prefer music, you have probably wondered ‘where can I get guitar lessons’, at some point or another. Apart from the piano, it is one of the most versatile instruments and proves to be a good foundation for any would be musician. To answer the question of getting guitar lessons, you can look no further than Keyboard Magic. We have got a great music programme that also includes a performance element, so your child can learn how to be confident as well.

Not only do we offer guitar lessons, we also offer piano music lessons, for those that would like to learn this beautiful and classic instrument. You can never go wrong with a solid background in piano.

So whether you are looking for drama or music lessons, you can be assured that your child will be in good hands. We provide certification in the world famous Trinity Guildhall Syllabus, so your child will also have a skill set that is recognised the world over as well.

For more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with on of our passionate and qualified staff members!