Exams of any sort can be a fairly rigorous experience but when you’re working hard to make progress with your music, taking music exams is a good way to recognise your success and give you the reassurance that you’re on the right track.  As an added bonus, you can also earn credit points on your school certificate if you’ve completed music or drama exams.

What Music Exams Offer You:

  • A measure of personal progress against internationally recognised benchmarks.
  • Working towards a definite goal with motivation and inspiration.
  • An objective guide to help you improve your musical skills.
  • The opportunity to perform and have a real sense of achievement.
  • The opportunity to be graded by international examiners


Why Music Exams are Beneficial:

Sitting a music exam is the best way for music teachers to ensure and monitor that students are benefitting from a methodical education, which includes:

  • Memorising all the scales and arpeggios you will ever need
  • Improving your sight reading
  • Improving your aural skills (ear training) whereby you can identify pitches, melodies, chords, rhythms and other basic elements of music.
  • Learning pieces of different music styles and periods.
  • Practical musicianship and performance (mini-recital).
  • Both learning and understanding music theory

Without the structure that is required by music exams, it could be very easy for a student to work on only certain elements of their music and neglect or overlook other important elements which could hinder their progress as a well-rounded musician. Music exams are also helpful in allowing teachers to more easily clarify what level a music student has reached.

Hard-work always pays off and learning to deal with your nerves by engaging in music exams will not only broaden your experience of life but it will also strengthen your character.

Now that you have a better understanding of why music exams can play a beneficial part in your musical career, give us a call on 011-425 35 09 or visit us at keyboardmagic.co.za so we can assist you further with this great educational opportunity.