What could be more frightening than snakes? As it happens, public speaking tops the most feared list along with a host of social phobias which include eating in front of people. The reason why people are so terrified of public speaking varies from person to person, but the fear remains.

It stands to reason then, that early training in speech and drama would help children grow into more confident adults who don’t suffer from the debilitating fear of delivering a message to a crowd of people.

But, is public speaking really necessary to succeed in the working world?

The Benefits of Public Speaking

In business, you can be persuasive and charismatic, but if you can’t deliver that in a public forum then your message will be lost. From delivering a sales pitch to presenting a proposal to a board, poise and confidence allows you to deliver your message in the best possible way.

As an entrepreneur, there is a good chance that you will need to present your business idea to a bank or finance house to get start-up funds. You may need to resort to door-to-door sales or present to retail managers to get your product out there.

If you would like to open a service-based business working from home then it’s likely you will need to network at business events, perhaps detailing your business to a small group of people.

Does the thought of that make you more than a little nervous?

If your plans lean toward leadership then good public speaking skills will grant you the ability to motivate people, inciting people to follow your lead, and inspiring your team. Dedication, passion and creativity often need to be drawn out of the team that you are responsible for, and this can only be done with the power of speech and a great presence.

You may never be required to make a Luther-esque speech starting with, “I have a dream…” but you will always need to present yourself in a confident and self-assured manner. Start young, learn these vital skills, and hone them throughout your younger years to ensure a brighter future.