Arts Programme

Arts Programme ARTS PROGRAMME @ Keyboard Magic, Benoni 082 824 2851 and (011) 425-3509 “At The Drawing Studio, no matter what your age or skill level, you are treated as an artist.”   Keyboard Magic affiliated at Trinity College of London, and well known for Music and Drama Classes is now [...]


Drama Keyboard Magic Drama department is primarily focused on improving communication, group interaction, ensemble dynamic, and creative development through Drama. Our classes are geared towards a practical and inspirational framework that provides our students with the benefits of partaking collectively in a structured artistic process. Highlighted areas of development include [...]


Woodwind Keyboard magic offers individual tuition in the following wind instruments - The saxophone; the clarinet and the flute.   The Saxophone is generally classified as a woodwind because it is played using a reed, but essentially it is made of brass. It’s a kind of a cross between a [...]


Drums We also offer lessons for drum kit and percussion. Whether you would like to master sticks or brush playing, we cover a wide variety of genres and styles ranging from Rock and Pop, to Latin, Jazz and Funk.   Some popular styles taught would include influences from drummers such Travis [...]

Vocals & Singing

Vocals At Keyboard Magic various singing techniques are taught by highly qualified and experienced vocalists. A wide range of exams can be completed by students. The various genres of singing instruction are as follows: Contemporary; Classical; Jazz; Pop and Rock. Introducing these students to various styles and techniques ensures that the [...]

Keyboard & Piano

Keyboard & Piano Piano Keyboard At Keyboard Magic we offer two types of key instruments Piano and Keyboard. We have highly competent staff that will be able to teach at any level from beginner to advance. We will try and give a detailed description of both these instruments to give [...]

Guitar & Bass

Guitar & Bass Here at Keyboard Magic we offer a wide range of different guitar styles and genres. We have highly competent staff that will be able to teach at any level from beginner to advance. Our Contemporary style using plectrum is taught on either Electric guitar or Acoustic Guitar [...]


Strings The violin is a string instrument, usually with four strings tuned in perfect fifths. It is the smallest, highest-pitched member of the violin family of string instruments, which includes the viola, cello, and double bass. The violin has been around for centuries and is a well known and loved instrument. The violin has a beautiful sound, and is often [...]