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At Keyboard Magic we offer two types of key instruments Piano and Keyboard. We have highly competent staff that will be able to teach at any level from beginner to advance. We will try and give a detailed description of both these instruments to give you some insight into the two choices.


Even though a piano and a keyboard may look very similar in terms of the keys you play on, they are actually two very different instruments used for entirely different purposes. The keys and notes may look and work the same but the two instruments are intended for their own styles and genres of music. Pianos have a weighted-key action which is appropriately set for all piano music and genres composed since the mid 17th century. These styles are generally known as the “Classical” music spectrum and also includes all genres of Jazz  implemented into the piano repertoire since the 1930’s.

Keyboards on the other hand are intended to function as a “one man band” rather than a solo instrument. Keyboards have the ability to imitate almost every other instrument and can play from 1-8 instruments/sounds at the same time. Keyboards are therefore ideal to reproduce any song composed from the 1950’s pop-rock era onwards. Depending on the size of the keyboard, they are also portable making it easy to transport and set up from one place to another.

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