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ARTS PROGRAMME @ Keyboard Magic, Benoni

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“At The Drawing Studio, no matter what your age or skill level, you are treated as an artist.”


Keyboard Magic affiliated at Trinity College of London, and well known for Music and Drama Classes is now also presenting ARTS CLASSES. Art Classes will be presented by qualified art teachers. Classes are divided into two age groups, seniors ages 15 years and older and juniors, ages 6 to 14.



Children 6-14 years will develop fundamental art making skills across a wide range of subjects. Children will learn painting and drawing, through structured activities and projects. Fundamental art skills include line, shape, form, tone, colour, composition and more. Children also learn about historical and contemporary artists and artworks throughout the programme. The programme will focus on drawing, sculpting, developing creativity and multicultural projects.

An Art Kit as part of the programme for each learner and is available at R600.00



The Senior programme will assist leaners to create a portfolio of artwork, to develop own/self-generated ideas/concepts and exploring and using chosen media, technologies and techniques. The programme will focus on visual arts projects that includes small-scale projects in commercial and/or social development contexts involving a visual arts component, such as exhibitions, murals, carnivals, theatre productions, projects in schools, public awareness campaigns. The programme can also assist learners with art as a subject at school to enhance their portfolio and to assist in generating the body of art needed for grading. All art elements such as colour, line, tone, shape, form, texture, space, composition; design principles include balance, unity, variety, emphasis, harmony, etc. will be explored.

An Art Kit as part of the programme for each learner is available at R700.00


Come and enjoy and discover the arts in a fun, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and claim your creative space!

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