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“We Aim to Achieve”

Many people who want to learn how to play a musical instrument tend to believe that they can’t unless they were born with a ‘talent for music’. This simply is not the case, especially if you attend a high quality school of music. If you have the passion, the drive, the dream and the dedication, learning how to play a musical instrument of your choice will be more than possible!

Keyboard Magic is a school of Music and Drama where teach a top class syllabi for all lessons offered at each of our branches. We employ some of the country’s finest musicians as teachers, and as a result of this, we are considered to be one of the best schools of music and drama in South Africa! You can rely on us to provide you with the best tuition that money can buy.

We offer an array of lessons in multiple instruments including Piano, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Ukulele, Violin, Keyboard and many more. We also offer lessons in Performing Arts and Speech and Drama. We have recently branched out into a new venture and will be opening a school in George where we will be offering lessons.

We want our students to progress, and eventually become competent students, qualified teachers and performers.  We want students to reach their goals, to make a difference in the arts, and pave their way in society.

Our Benoni branch welcomes all East Rand citizens, as well as any others living close by who are interested in playing a musical instrument, and we encourage you to enrol with our school!

We have a passion for music and a dedication to our students that very few other music and drama schools will be able to match!

What the Students have to say:

"I can actually read notes now"
"I didn't know playing piano could be easy enough to play songs so soon!"
"Learning chords has assisted me when playing with the band"
"Learning to read music is my first step in starting my own band"


Keyboard Magic is a music school which has only grown from strength to strength and has gained much experience over the past 17 years, since its establishment in 2005.

The music school has an outstanding reputation in its community, Benoni and surrounding areas on the East Rand, Gauteng.

So it’s with great enthusiasm to announce that Keyboard magic will be opening a second music school (branch) in Wilderness/George in 2022.

We look forward to forging many new friendships with all who will be attending our music school in Wilderness/George.

We have a passion for music and are dedicated to our students, and would love to see them succeed and make their mark in the music industry.

Being a new school, we currently offer the following instruments:  Keyboard, Piano, Acoustic Guitar and Saxophone.

We are confident that as the new school grows, more instruments will become available to learn to play.

Keyboard Magic teaches both the Trinity and Rockschool syllabi and offers exams in both practical and theory. 

Trinity and Rockschool are Internationally recognized examination boards, registered in over 60 countries throughout the world.

From Initial or Debut to Grade 8 in music are taught at Keyboard Magic.

We always encourage students to do exams, either to gain extra credits on your Matric certificate or to progress up to Grade 8 in both practical and theory and have the opportunity to apply to study music at a tertiary level. (Exams are optional)

However, all students are welcome, those who are serious to make music a career and those who would just prefer to play for fun! 😀

We enjoy hosting Bi-Annual concerts each year, to hear the progress of all our many talented students and just have fun performing!!

So if you have the drive, passion and dedication, make your dream a reality and enroll now at Keyboard Magic. 


The East Rand’s leading school in Music and Drama

We are a staff of 10 teachers, teaching both classical and contemporary genres. We use International graded exam boards such as Trinity College London and Rockschool UK for all our instruments grading, with the option of Royal Schools of Music and UNISA as well. This includes both the Practical and Theoretical requirements. We also offer Performing Arts and Speech and Drama through Trinity.

We offer one-on-one music lessons with an assigned teacher, once a week in a predetermined slot that is best suited to your needs, where possible. Each lesson is 30 minutes in duration.

Drama classes are age appropriate, taught in a group of +- 8 per group. (Ages 6-9, 9-12, 12-15  15-18).  Adult classes are arranged separately and all Performing Arts and Speech and Drama classes are 60 minutes in duration.  

We also offer other activities including bi-annual concerts, bands, acapella groups, ensemble classes and we occasionally host full stage productions where we combine our Drama and Music departments.

Through our school, students can continue and complete their Music or Drama Diplomas at a Tertiary level

Entry level requirements for Tertiary education in Music are as follows:
* Grade 8 Practical in a chosen or multiple instruments
* Minimum of Grade 7 Theory of Music in appropriate syllabus

Entry level requirements for Tertiary education in Drama are as follows:

* Grade 8 Practical in either Performing Arts or Speech and Drama.

These requirements are subject to change depending on the Tertiary institution.

Keyboard Magic Music School George

Any inquiries?

We are here to help you and reply as soon as possible.

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47 Sapphire Str, Farrarmere, Benoni, South Africa

Times: Mon-Fri 1-7pm, Saturday 8am-2pm


1.) Erf  2367, Gousblom Crescent, Kleinkrantz, Wilderness

2.) Sayer Business Park
Eden Tutor Centre
117 Mitchell Street

Times:  Monday – Friday 1pm – 6pm


076 435 3217 (school)

084 413 2963 (Christi) after 1pm


082 824 2851 (Shantal) after 10am

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